Violet Richardson Award

Violet Richarson Award

Are you a young woman between the ages of 14 and 17 who volunteers in your community or school?  Who sees challenges instead of obstacles?  Hope instead of despair?  If you are a young women who believes in the power of volunteer action, then you may be eligible to win the Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award.

The Violet Richardson Award recognizes young women who make the community and world a better place through volunteer efforts such as: Fighting drugs, crime and violence; cleaning up the environment; and working to end discrimination and poverty.  Volunteer actions that benefit women or girls are of particular interest.

Soroptimist is an organization of women whose members volunteer in their communities, often working on the same problems that you do.  Although we realize that volunteering is its our reward, we also know it feels good to be recognized for your actions.  And that's why we sponsor this award.

Note: This is a Soroptimist International of Salisbury Club Award.

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